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      Griechischer Film, Theater, Schauspieler, Regisseure

      Part 1 - 2 - 3

      Film / Theater Directors / Producer

      Theater Actors: Dionysios Tavoularis as Hamlet, Evangelos Pantopoulos, Dimitrios Kotopoulis, Athanasios Sisyfos,

      Konstantinos Kyriakos Aristias, Actor, teacher

      1836 and 1840 the first two Theater open in Athens

      Dimitrios Vernardakis

      Pantelis Soutsas , Theater , Maria Doxapatri, Meropi , Kyra Frosyni (Dimitrios Vernardakis)

      O Agapitikos tis Voskopoulas, I Tyhi tis Maroulas (Dimitris Koromilas)

      Vassilikon Theater (Royal Theater) director Thomas Oikonomou (1864 - 1927)

      Nea Skini Theater , director Konstantinos Christomanos (1867-1911), works of Grigoris Xenopoulos (1867-1911)

      Pantelis Horn (Παντελ?? Χορν)

      1903 Orestie of Aeschylus in Dimotiki language, one person killed as result of the protest of the opponents of Dimotiki

      Fotos Politis (Φ?το? Πολ?τη?) (1890 - 1934)

      Dimitris Rontiris

      Karolos Koun (Κ?ρολο? Κουν), "The Teacher " (daskalos) , Theatro Technis (Art Theater) 1942

      Spyros Evangelatos, Amphi-Theater

      Most popular is the Epitheorisi (Comedy, Musical Revue)

      Alexander Pantages (Pericles Pantages) (1867 Andros, 1936) owner of theaters in Canada and western USA, "Pantages Circuit"

      The Skouras brothers

      The Manakia brothers, Miltos (Miltiadis) Manakias (1882 Avdela - 1964 Bitola) and Yannakis (John) Manakias (1878 Avdela - 1954 Thessaloniki) two Aromanian brothers from Epirus "the pioneers of cinema in the Balkans", 1898-1904 photography shop in Ioannina, Spinning women 1907, The Manakia Movie Theater in Bitola 1921.

      Spiros Dimitrakopoulos and Erich Bubach, 1911

      In 1928 there were 71 movie theaters in Greece, from these 13 in Athens, 7 in Thessaloniki, 6 in Piraeus, 5 in Kavala, 4 in Volos, 3 in Chania, 2 in Herakleion, Korinth, Kalamata, Lamia, Mytilene, Xanthi and Patra, 1 in Agrinio, Amaliada, Argos , Aigio, Alexandroupolis, Gargalianoi, Drama, Edessa, Ioannina, Samos, Trikala, Tyrnavos and Chios

      Elias Kazan (Ηλ?α? Καζ?ν) (7.9.1909 Constantinople/Instabul – 28.9.2003 New York) a very influential director but also with some dark sides Oscar 1948 for directing Gentleman's Agreement and 1999 for his Lifework Viva Zapata (with Marlon Brando) East of Eden, America, America, The Arrangement , A Streetcar Named Desire , Gentleman's Agreement

      Costas Bahatoris (Κ?στα? Μπαχατ?ρη?) Golfo (Γκ?λφω) with Olympia Damaskou (Ολυμπ?α Δαμ?σκου)

      Gavrilis Longos

      Georgios Prokopiou

      Gregg Tallas (Grigoris Thalassinos) (25.1.1915 Athens) The Barefoot Battalion (to xipolito tagma), Prehistoric Woman, Sound of Horror(Screenplay ) , Siren of Atlantis (with Alexis Minotis !!! ) Watch the film Prehistoric Woman

      Achilleas Madras (Αχιλλ?α? Μαδρ?? )(1871-1966) Maria Pentagiotissa “Foustanella Films” , The magician of Athens (Ο Μ?γο? τη? Aθ?vα?)

      Dimos Vratsanos first film company "Asty Film" in Greece 1916 I proika tis Annoulas (Η προ?κα τη? Αννο?λα?), Tis moiras t' apopaidi

      Kostas and Dimitris Gasiadis, DAG Film, Eros ke kymata

      Jorgos Tsavellas (Γι?ργο? Τζαβ?λλα?) Kalpiki Lira (Κ?λπικη Λ?ρα) , Antigone (with Irene Papas), O?Methystakas (Ο Μεθ?στακα?), Soferaki (Σωφερ?κ)

      Nikos Grammatikos (N?κο? Γραμματικ??) Βασιλι?? (The King) , U-Turn mms://www.gfc.gr/178.wmv

      Penny Panayotopoulou Dyskoli Apohairetismoi

      Zorba the Greek

      Michael Cacoyannis (11.6.1922 Limassol/Cyprus ) Stella, Zorba the Greek (Anthony Quinn) dancing Sirtaki from the 1964 movie (Oscar for Cinematography(Walter Lassaly), Best Supporting Actress (Lila Kedrova), Best Art/Direction/Set Decoration (Vassilis Fotopoulos), Oscar Nominations for Best Picture, Best Direction, Best Screenplay based on Material from Another Medium, Best Actor) Sweet Country mms://www.gfc.gr/257.wmv Trojan Women (with Katherine Hepburn and Genevieve Bujold)

      Alexis Damianos (Αλ?ξη? Δαμιαν?? )(1921 Athens - 4.5. 2006) Eniochos – The Charioteer , Evdokia , Mehri to Ploio

      Orestis Laskos (Ορ?στη? Λ?σκο? ) Daphnis and Chloe (Δ?φνι? &kappaαι Χλ?η)

      Giannis Dalianidis (Γι?ννη? Δαλιαν?δη?) ( 31.12.1923 Thessaloniki - 16.10.2010) popular films (comedies, musicals) Nomos 4000 (Ν?μο? 4000)

      N. Koundouros from STIGMES, the magazine of Crete http://stigmes.gr/ (Interview in Greek)

      Nikos Koundouros (Ν?κο? Κο?νδουρο?) (1926 Agios Nikolaos/Crete), Dracos (Δρ?κο?), Young Aphrodites (Μικρ?? Αφροδ?τε?) (Mikres Afrodites), a film based on the fable of Daphnis and Chloe with many actors actually being sheepherders. 1922 , Byron (Λ?ρδο? Β?ρων), Ballad for a Daemon Bordello (Μπορντ?λο)

      Gregory Markopoulos (Γκρ?γκορι Mαρκ?πουλο? ) (12.3.1928-12.11.1992) "the American avant-garde cinema's supreme erotic poet" who disappeared (The Markopoulos Temenos) O μ?θο? εν?? πρωτοπ?ρου σκηνοθ?τη

      Constantin Gavras, (Κ?στα? Γαβρ?? )(12.2.1933 Loutra Iraias, Arcadia), (Political Thriller) around 20 awards from various organizations, Z , Missing, Amen , Music Box

      Roviros Manthoulis (Info) Face to Face, Lili's Story

      Theo Angelopoulos (Θ?δωρο? Αγγελ?πουλο? ) ( 27 .4.1936 Athens) , Voyage to Kythera, Eternity and a Day, Landscape in the Mist (Info) one of the 100 greatest foreign films of all time (Movieline Magazine ), The Bee Keeper , Ulysses' Gaze (Synopsis, Images, etc, more Info) Video Clip (19 MB) ,The Suspended Step if the Storck (Info) Golden Palm at the 51st Cannes Film Festival .

      Kostas Ferris (Κ?στα? Φ?ρρη?)(18.4.1935 Cairo/Egypt ), Rebetiko

      Pantelis Voulgaris (2.10.1940 Athens) To Proxenio tis Annas (The engagement of Anna, "one of the ten best Greek films of the last 30 years" according to the International Film Guide), Petrina Hronia (The Stone Years Info1 , Info2) , Acropole , Happy Day Best Picture, Best Director and the Critics' Grand Prix at the Thessaloniki Film Festival See also http://www.culture.gr/2/22/222/22200/directors/e222d56.html

      George P. Cosmatos, (4.1.1941 Tuscany/Italy - 19.4.2005 Lung Cancer ) Rambo II, Tombstone ,

      Nikos (Nico) Mastorakis (28..4.1941 Athens)Sex and violence

      Nikos Panayotopoulos I'm tired of killing your lovers,

      Andreas Thomopoulos (Aνδρ?α? Θωμ?πουλο?)(1945 Athens) South Wind - The End of the Game

      Penelope Spheeris (2.12.1945) first cousin of Costa Gavras

      Angeliki Antoniou (Aγγελικ? Aντων?ου)(1956)) "η Γερμαν?δα" Allein unter M?nnern, Messerscharf

      Lakis Papastathis Theofilos

      Iannis Smaragdis (25.4.1946 Crete) Cavafy

      Alexander Payne (Alexander Papadopoulos) (10.2.1961 Omaha/Nebraska) 2005 Oscar adapted screenplay award “Sideways” , other Golden Globen nominations and awards, co-author of Jurassic Park III.

      Christos Georgiou (1966) Cyprus Under the Stars Montreal World Film Festival award

      Sotiris Goritsas Ap to hioni Winner of the Best Film, Screenplay, Cinematography and International Critics' prizes at the Thessaloniki Film Festival

      Vassilis Georgiadis To choma vaftike kokkino Oscar Nomination 1965 for best foreign film

      Tassos Boulmetis Politiki Kouzina

      Dimos Avdeliodis To dendro pou pligoname , Fotografia

      Antonis Kokkinos (Αντ?νη? Κ?κκινο?) Telos Epohis (Τ?λο? &Epsilonποχ??) (End of an era)

      Tonia Marketaki Kristallines Nihtes "one of the most interesting women working in cinema today." (Variety ) The Price of love

      Olga Malea (Ολγα Mαλ?α)(1960 Athens) According to Variety among the “top ten European directors to watch.” The Cow's Orgasm (Οργασμ?? τη? Aγελ?δα?) , Risotto (Ριζ?το) The mating game

      Renos Haralambidis (1970 Athens) Cheap Smokes

      Yiannis Economidis Matchbox

      Dinos Demopoulos (Ντ?νο? Δημ?πουλο?) The little Dolphins

      Maria Iliou Alexandria

      John Tatoulis (Τζων Τατο?λη?) Beware of Greeks Bearing Guns

      Ana Kokkinos Head On

      Nikos Nikolaidis (1940 Athens)

      Milton Katselas director, acting teacher, taught stars such as Alec Baldwin, George Clooney, Tom Selleck, Michelle Pfeiffer...

      George Katakouzinos Absences (Apousies)

      Petros Sevastikoglou Wind over the city

      George Miller (3.3.1945), Australian of Greek origin. Mad Max Films with Mel Gibson (Mad Max, The Road Warrior, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome) , The Witches of Eastwick , Happy Feet. His grandfather was a Greek from Smyrna who went to USA where he changed his name from Miliotis to Miller, his father went from Kythera to Australia.

      Alexis Vellis

      Alex Proyas (23.9.1963 Egypt) The Crow , Dark City, Garage Days, I Robot

      Dimitris Indares (Δημ?τρη? Ινδαρ??) (1964 Patras) ΓΑΜΗΛΙΑ ΝΑΡΚΗ (Totally Married)

      Maria Klonaris & Katerina Thomadaki

      Dean Tavoularis (Ντ?ν Ταβουλ?ρη?) ((production designer of The Godfather, Apocalypse Now, Rising Sun ),

      Constantine Giannaris Three Steps to Heaven

      Michael Karris (Michael Karaoglanidis) (8.11.1955 Greece) A Face of Greekness

      Nadia Tassone of Australia's most respected and unique filmmakers. Tass came to Australia in the 1960s from Macedonia, northern Greece

      Agnes Varda (30.5.1928 Brussels ) French-Greek director, French father, Greek mother "Grandmother of the New Wave" Varda has written dialogues for the works of others, most notably for Bernardo Bertolucci's Last Tango in Paris.

      A List of Greek Directors from GFC (Greek Film Centre)

      Bill Mousoulis , Is Your Film Language Greek? Some thoughts on Greek-Australian film-makers , A Guide to Greek-Australian filmmakers" , Are Their Eyes Greek?

      Laura Neri (Λ?ουρα Ν?ρι) Greek mother ,Italian father, A Kiss on the Nose

      Special Effects

      Patrick Tatopoulos , Greek-French, Tatopoulos Studios, design of Godzilla (Godzilla Film, Roland Emmerich), design of Alien Creature in Independence Day ( Roland Emmerich), I Robot, Alien vs. Predator, Van Helsing, etc.

      Greek Films

      Part 1 - 2 - 3

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