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      - Art Gallery -




      HNDGS "Hellenic National Defense General Staff" (GEETHA)

      Military of Greece

      20 May 1825, Battle at Maniaki, Panagiotis Zografos, Papaflessas and his men against an Egyptian army of Ibrahim Pasha


      Greek War of Independence

      Naval battles

      Greek : Ελληνικ?? στ?λο? - 1821

      Battle of Navarino

      Fire ships

      Papamalekos and other Cretan fighters, Cretan Revolution

      First Balkan War

      Battle of Kilkis-Lahanas 21.6.1913

      Battle of Giannitsa

      Battle of Pente Pigadia

      Battle of Sarantaporo

      Greco-Turkish War (1919-1922)

      Battle of Inonu

      Battle of the Sakarya

      Greco-Italian War

      Battle of Greece

      George Sirian

      George Dilboy American Hero, a Greek from Smyrna

      Wilhelm Leopold Colmar Freiherr von der Goltz , German military expert who organized the Ottoman Army against the Greeks

      Pavlos Melas

      Konstantinos Smolenskis

      Michail Moutousis, military pilot

      Alexandros Karamanlakis (+ end of August.1912 near Stomio/ Evrostina)

      Nikolaos Votsis, destroyed with a torpedo 18.10.1912 the Turkish corvette "Fetih-i-Bulend" (turkish word for "good victory") in the harbour of Thessaloniki

      SPIROS STEVE PISANOS , “The Flying Greek”(Σπ?ρο? Π?σανο? )

      Air War in Greece 1940-41

      The Greek PZL fighters

      List of Air Aces (Greece), 1941 - 45

      Nike-Hercules, an American surface-to-air missile named after Greek Mythology characters, used by the Greek army

      A photo of the NATO missile range on the Island of Crete taken on the Hipar radar tower in 1969.

      Photograph taken at the Crete missile range, second to the last launch by the 118th, Royal Dutch Air Force Squadron in 1987.

      Images of Ships and Information about the Hellenic Navy (WWII)


      Charles Moskos

      Cost of Military in Greece:

      1988 : 1 355 millions Euro
      1992 : 2 452 millions Euro
      1995 : 3 438 millions Euro
      2000 : 5 921 millions Euro
      2003 : 6 309 millions Euro

      Evzones in the Syntagma Square , before the tomb of the unknown soldier. Their shoes (tsarouhia) each 3 kg have 60 nails on the sole. They carry clothes with the symbols "Chi", "O" for Christian Orthodox. Some say that the long black tassel of their cap symbolizes the tears of Jesus Christ on the cross.


      Greek Troops

      Women support of the soldiers, poster of the artist Vasso Katraki, "Panagia with him"

      Alexandros Alexandrakis paintings

      Modern Sacred Band (Ιερ?? Λ?χο?) during WW II (Probably without intention 2 men are shown, it was not an "Army of Lovers" like in ancient Thebes ). The Sacred Band symbol includes an inscription "I tan i epi tas" ( Either come back with [your shield], or on it)




      Hellenica World