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    1. - Art Gallery -

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      Text of the Illiad (by Ian Johnston)

      Book 1: The Quarrel by the Ships
      Book 2: Agamemnon's Dream and The Catalogue of Ships
      Book 3: Paris, Menelaus, and Helen
      Book 4: The Armies Clash
      Book 5: Diomedes Goes to Battle
      Book 6: Hector and Andromache
      Book 7: Hector and Ajax
      Book 8: The Trojans Have Success
      Book 9: Peace Offerings to Achilles
      Book 10: A Night Raid
      Book 11: The Achaeans Face Disaster
      Book 12: The Fight at the Barricade
      Book 13: The Trojans Attack the Ships
      Book 14: Zeus Deceived
      Book 15: Battle at the Ships
      Book 16: Patroclus Fights and Dies
      Book 17: The Fight Over Patroclus
      Book 18: The Arms of Achilles
      Book 19: Achilles and Agamemnon
      Book 20: Achilles Returns to Battle
      Book 21: Achilles Fights the River
      Book 22: The Death of Hector
      Book 23: The Funeral Games for Patroclus
      Book 24: Achilles and Priam

      Text of the Odyssey ( by Ian Johnston)

      Book 1: Athena Visits Ithaca
      Book 2: Telemachus Prepares for his Voyage
      Book 3: Telemachus Visits Nestor in Pylos
      Book 4 Telemachus Visits Menelaus in Sparta
      Book 5: Odysseus Leaves Calypso's Island and Reaches Phaeacia
      Book 6: Odysseus and Nausicaa
      Book 7: Odysseus at the Court of Alcinous in Phaeacia
      Book 8: Odysseus is Entertained in Phaeacia
      Book 9: Ismarus, the Lotus Eaters, and the Cyclops
      Book 10: Aeolus, the Laestrygonians, and Circe
      Book 11: Odysseus Meets the Shades of the Dead
      Book 12: The Sirens, Scylla and Charybdis, The Cattle of the Sun
      Book 13: Odysseus Leaves Phaeacia and Reaches Ithaca
      Book 14: Odysseus Meets Eumaeus
      Book 15: Telemachus Returns to Ithaca
      Book 16: Odysseus Reveals Himself to Telemachus
      Book 17: Odysseus Goes to the Palace as a Beggar
      Book 18: Odysseus and Irus the Beggar
      Book 19: Eurycleia Recognizes Odysseus
      Book 20: Odysseus Prepares for his Revenge
      Book 21: The Contest With Odysseus' Bow
      Book 22: The Killing of the Suitors
      Book 23: Odysseus and Penelope
      Book 24: Zeus and Athena End the Fighting

      The Fall of Troy by Quintus Smyrnaeus

      BOOK I - How died for Troy the Queen of the Amazons, Penthesileia.

      BOOK II - How Memnon, Son of the Dawn, for Troy's sake fell in the Battle

      BOOK III - How by the shaft of a God laid low was Hero Achilles.

      BOOK IV - How in the Funeral Games of Achilles heroes contended.

      BOOK V - How the Arms of Achilles were cause of madness and death unto Aias.

      BOOK VI - How came for the helping of Troy Eurypylus, Hercules' grandson

      BOOK VII - How the Son of Achilles was brought to the War from the Isle of Scyros

      BOOK VIII - How Hercules' Grandson perished in fight with the Son of Achilles

      BOOK IX - How from his long lone exile returned to the war Philoctetes.

      BOOK X - How Paris was stricken to death, and in vain sought help of Oenone

      BOOK XI - How the sons of Troy for the last time fought from her walls and her towers.

      BOOK XII - How the Wooden Horse was fashioned, and brought into Troy by her people

      BOOK XIII - How Troy in the night was taken and sacked with fire and slaughter.

      BOOK XIV - How the conquerors sailed from Troy unto judgment of tempest and shipwreck.

      The Odyssey, notes by Ian Johnston

      The House of Atreus, a short summary by Ian Johnston

      Argonautica, Apollonius Rhodes

      Mythology and Art

      Greek Mythology

      "As she talks, her lips breathe spring roses:
      I was Chloris, who am now called Flora
      ." Ovid

      See also : Greek Mythology. Paintings, Drawings

      Mythology Images

      The Classic Myths in English Literature and in Art (2nd ed.) (1911) , Charles Mills Gayley

      Ancient Greece

      Science, Technology , Medicine , Warfare, , Biographies , Life , Cities/Places/Maps , Arts , Literature , Philosophy ,Olympics, Mythology , History , Images

      Medieval Greece /?Byzantine Empire

      Science, Technology, Arts, , Warfare , Literature, Biographies, Icons, History

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