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      Important Greek Scientists and Engineers from 1900 – today

      (People from Cyprus or of Greek Origin included)

      Σ?γχρονη Ελληνικ? Επιστ?μη και Τεχνολογ?α

      For the first time the nation surveys the hideous spectacle of its ignorance and trembles in measuring with the eye the distance separating it from its ancestors’ glory. This painful discovery, however, does not precipitate the Greeks into despair: We are the descendants of Greeks, they implicitly told themselves, we must try to become again worthy of the name, or we must not bear it. Adamantios Korais before a Parisian audience in 1803.

      Political Science

      George Tsebelis, Vetoplayers


      They (Greeks) were very upset when I said the development of the greatest importance to mathematics in Europe was the discovery by Tartaglia that you can solve a cubic equation: although it is of little use in itself, the discovery must have been psychologically wonderful because it showed that a modern man could do something no ancient Greek could do. It therefore helped in the Renaissance, which was freeing man from the intimidation of the ancients. What the Greeks are learning in school is to be intimidated into thinking that they have fallen so far below their ancestors. Richard Feynman reporting on a 1980 visit to Greece

      Constantin Carathéodory (Κωνσταντ?νο? Καραθεοδωρ??)(13.9.1873 – 2.2.1950), one of the greatest modern Greek mathematicians, (not a teacher of Albert Einstein as usually said but an adviser for some mathematical problems of relativity. Important contribution in Thermodynamics )(In Greek: how bad he was treated by the Greeks in Greece, as Kazantzakis said the internal enemies are the greatest enemies of Greece) (Info in Greek), another report in Greek, ?γαλμα του Κ. Καραθεοδωρ? , Κ?ριοι, ζητ?σατε να σα? απαντ?σω σε χ?λια δυο πρ?γματα, κανε?? σα? ?μω? δεν θ?λησε να μ?θει ποιο? ?ταν ο δ?σκαλ?? μου, ποιο? μου ?δειξε και μου ?νοιξε το δρ?μο προ? την αν?τερη μαθηματικ? επιστ?μη, σκ?ψη και ?ρευνα. Και για να μη σα? κουρ?σω, σα? το λ?ω ?τσι απλ? χωρ?? λεπτομ?ρειε?, ?τι μεγ?λο? μου δ?σκαλο? υπ?ρξε ο αξεπ?ραστο? ?λληνα? Κωνσταντ?νο? Καραθεοδωρ??, στον οπο?ο , εγ? προσωπικ?, αλλ? και η μαθηματικ? επιστ?μη, η φυσικ?, η σοφ?α του αι?να μα? χρωστ?με τα π?ντα" Αλβ?ρτο? Α?νστ?ιν στην τελευτα?α του συν?ντευξη τ?που το 1955 (Did Einstein really say in 1955, in an interview, that Carathéodory was his teacher as a report of a news organization suggests ???) Oι αντιλ?ψει? του Κωνσταντ?νου Καραθεοδωρ? για το ρ?λο τη? Ελλ?δα? στην 'καθ' ημ?? Ανατολ?' "

      N. Lygeros , CARATHéODORY , Articles & Analyses

      Image of Caratheodory in Smyrna

      Christos Dimitriou Papakyriakopoulos (Χρ?στο? Δημητρ?ου Παπακυριακ?πουλο? )(1914 – 29.6.1976)

      Stelios (Stylianos) K. Pichorides (Στ?λιο? Κ. Πηχωρ?δη?) ( 1940 Athens – 18.6.1992 Madrid/Spain) 1980 Prix Salem Prize for his work on the Littlewood conjecture, C(p) conjecture, constants for Riesz Projection ,“απεβ?ωσε στη Μαδρ?τη κατ? την δι?ρκεια διεθνο?? Συνεδρ?ου απο προσβολ? π?μπτου οσφυ?κο? σπονδ?λου?“ , Στυλιαν?? Κ. Πηχωρ?δη?

      Tom M. Apostol (Apostolopoulos) American of Greek descent, analytic number theory, calculus, Mathematics education

      Athanassios Spyridon Fokas (Θαν?ση? Φωκ??) Method for solving integrable nonlinear evolution PDEs , SPECT, Πιστε?ω αλλ? δεν μπορ? να αποδε?ξω ?τι...

      George Papanicolaou , Applied Mathematics

      Leonidas Alaoglu (19.3.1914 – August 1981) Greek-Canadian Mathematician, Alaoglu's theorem

      Constantine (Kostas) M. Dafermos , Genealogy , DiPerna Lecture W. T. , SIAM W.T. and Idalia Reid Prize, 2000 theory of partial differential equations, especially nonlinear hyperbolic systems of conservation laws with solutions containing shock waves.“

      Nikos A. Salingaros , A Week With Nikos Salingaros (Word File)

      Alexander S Kechris (Αλ?ξανδρο? Κεχρ??) Foundations of mathematics; mathematical logic and set theory; their interactions with analysis and dynamical systems AMS Genealogy , (Image)

      George M. Rassias (1953) , mathematician

      John M. Rassias (1945), mathematician

      Themistocles M. Rassias (Greek: Θεμιστοκλ?? Μ. Ρασσι??; born on April 2, 1951; in Pellana, Peloponnese, Greece) is a Greek mathematician, and a professor at the National Technical University of Athens (Eθνικ? Μετσ?βιο Πολυτεχνε?ο), Greece. He has published more than 220 papers, 6 research books and 30 edited volumes in research Mathematicstextbooks in Mathematics (in Greek) for University students. His research work has received more than 6,000 citations by several mathematicians worldwide (see Mathematical Terminology). He serves as a member of the Editorial Board of many research international journals.

      George Anastasiou (Info)

      Nikolaos Kapouleas, (Νικ?λαο? Σωτ. Καπουλ?α? )

      Panagiotis (Takis) Souganidis (Παναγ?τη? Ε. Σουγαν?δη? ) Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations

      Nicholas Th. Varopoulos (Νικ?λαο? Βαρ?πουλο?)(Varopoulos Group), Prix Rapha?l SALEM , son of Theodore Varopoulos (Θε?δωρο? Βαρ?πουλο?)(1894-1957)

      Yiannis N. Moschovakis (Ιω?ννη? Μοσχοβ?κη?)(1938 Athens) mathematical logician, recursion theory, descriptive set theory, computer science foundations

      Mihalis Dafermos (student of D. Christodoulou and son of the mathematician Kostas Dafermos) partial differential equations, general relativity, differential geometry

      George Siopsis (24.4.1961 Edessa Greece ) More Info

      Sofia Lambropoulou Knot theory

      Stavros Garoufalidis Topology, mathematical physics, geometry

      Effie Kalfagianni Low dimensional topology; knot theory, 3-manifolds

      Ioannis Karatzas, applied probability

      Demetrios G Magiros (19.12.1912-19.1.1982)

      Isaac Newton's assistant at Cambridge claimed that during five years he saw Newton laugh only once. Newton had loaned a copy of Euclid to an acquaintance, and the gentleman asked what use it was to study Euclid, "upon which Sir Isaac was very merry".


      Emanoil Bacaloglu

      Nikolaos I. Hadjidakis (Νικ?λαο? Ι. Χατζηδ?κη?) (1872-1942) He was also an author and poet who could speak 13 languages.

      Panagiotis Zervos (Παναγι?τη? Ζερβ?? ) (1878 Zervata Kefalonia -1952)

      Georgios Remoundos (Γε?ργιο? Ρεμο?νδο?) (1878 Athens -1928) one of the teachers of Nicholas Th. Varopoulos

      A Report from the NEA in Greek

      Ancient Greek Mathematicians

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      Two Greeks among the Descartes 2005 Prize winners in Physics and Astrophysics

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